Speciality Service: Sanitisation In The Time Of Corona

Sanitisation services are important now more than ever. As the world undergoes a massive shift in thinking around hygiene, the level of attention you pay to cleanliness has massively increased. COVID-19 can only be combated with stringent hygiene measures. This includes cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, as well as objects that people frequently touch.

Even at a time when restrictions are lighter, there are still concerns that carelessness will lead to a second wave of infections as people return to normal life. Ensure you find a reliable  COVID-19 sanitisation service to clean and disinfect your building or workspace and take note of these points from experienced cleaning professionals.

Covering Touchpoints

There are many points around a building and space where people will commonly touch. From door handles to windows sills and handrails, these are areas where people’s hands are expected to land. The virus can be transferred to other people when they touch a contaminated surface and can then become infected when they touch their mouth, nose, or eyes. It is the high risk within these close quarters and common use areas that can lead to the easy spreading of germs. Ensuring these spaces are clean and hygienic at all times is an effective method of coverage.

The Treatment

Cleaning and disinfecting entail several tasks and activities that cover the full range of hygiene needs within a closed environment. Making areas safe to use by employees or visitors, these needed services let you rest easy knowing that your building is as clean and protected as can be. Professional teams have the techniques, tools, and most effective products to properly clean areas and make them safe.

When finished with your sanitisation service, you can be sure that cleaning has been carried out according to the highest standards. However, that’s only if you use trained, IICRC certified professionals like AAA Industrial Services.

We have developed a specialty COVID-19 strength cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitisation service. It includes rapid response, recovery, and restoration packages that focus on ensuring business continuity during outbreaks.

Contact us now to discuss the implementation of these services or get advice on maintaining business continuity during this crisis!

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