Industrial Remediation and Cleaning Response Services

AAA is currently successfully establishing itself as a principle contractor direct to customers to provide a range of industrial services. This is made possible from our many years of experience and success as a major subcontractor to tier one project management consultants, liquid waste and environmental services and remediation companies operating as the principal contractor in the industrial market. With our background in construction and project management we quickly became very popular among these providers and as our resources, staff and skill sets grew we became tasked as a subcontractor in a lot of cases responsible for scoping, budgeting, project management, acquisition, supply and supervision of all resources for very large liquid, industrial and environmental remediation projects on behalf of our principle contractor customers.

We know from experience our self-performing range of services can very effectively satisfy all service demands for our customers and outperform any competitors in the commercial market. Streamlining the work process could be the key to success and hard facility management can play a vital role in it. Employers and firm owners can search for ‘hard facilities management explained‘ on the internet to know more about it which may help them increase productivity. Anyways, with our industrial approach, we have chosen to take the considerably increased resources and experience we now have and offer a specific range of services direct to the industrial and commercial markets.

Industries We Service

  • Utilities and Councils
  • Production and manufacturing
  • Food and beverage processing and production plants
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Liquid Processing and treatment
  • Oil & Gas / Energy
  • Paper / recycling / waste
  • Mining / Metals
  • Marine
  • Remediation, environmental, engineering and management consultancy providers

We offer personalised, performance-driven services that increase the safety, efficiency and aesthetics of your facilities and assets.

Our qualified and trained staff come with the full support of a well organised sales, operations and compliance team.

All commercial, operational and WHSE requirements are paramount and are a top priority for AAA as a critical part of our service. This is strongly represented in our finely tuned organisational structure, policies and procedures.

AAA Provide an extensive range of industrial grade services in environmental remediation, project maintenance and industrial cleaning. Through flexibility and vast experience in liquid waste, construction and civil works, AAA are able to cater for any size ad-hoc emergency remediation/environmental project as well as regular industrial cleaning, servicing and maintenance project requirements of industrial and commercial assets and infrastructure.

AAA Industrial Services Track Record

Our background is accustomed to these types of stringent environments, response measures and practises on a day to day basis. This has been reinforced by our proven track record on large scale industrial and environmental remediation projects. Below are just a few:

White spot syndrome virus outbreak – Queensland aquaculture

Working closely with Bio Security for the supply of all plant, equipment, staff and supervision during shut down or decontamination of effected prawn farms during the initial response to white spot outbreak in the local aquaculture industry.

Legionnaire’s Disease Scare – Queensland hospitals and corporate facilities

Domestic potable water tank decontamination of eighteen 50,000L+ tanks. All tanks were decontaminated and sanitised following strict medical and environmental procedures after Legionnaire’s Disease scare. Our specially trained crew performed confined space entry using breathing apparatus on each tank allowing for a 3-stage decontamination process to be completed. This resulted in all tanks returning negative results to all further tests.

PFAS firefighting foam concentrate spill – Aviation Industry

AAA performed as the major contractor working with Arcadis. We supplied the following plant, equipment, staff and on site supervision for the biggest PFAS spill emergency response and remediation project in Australia to date:

  • Large crew and supervision
    • 24/7 roster
    • Crew split over multiple yards
    • On call team also on standby for weather events
  • Plant and heavy vehicles –
    • 650+ 23kl ISO tanks
      • Used to store approximately 16m litres of impacted water form sewer lines, creeks and stormwater
      • Tanks staged across 6 separate sites around the airports
      • Each site self-contained for emergency spill response and set up for bulk transfer capability
      • Each tank fully decontaminated back to food grade standard through chemical flush procedure
    • 15 Vacuum tankers
      • Various vacuum tankers up to 23kl
      • Utilised to remove contaminated product from assets
      • Transport and transfer product to and from tanks in tank farms and on site treatment facility
    • Up to 6 Side Loaders
      • Utilised to move ISO tanks during the course of the project
      • Stage tanks in yards yards in set out grid pattern for ease of access
    • Earthmoving equipment
      • 6t – 30t excavators utilised to remove contaminated waste form creeks and earth around impacted area
      • 4 x skid steer loaders – 1 at each yard utilised to move equipment and on standby for spill response
    • 2 x flat decks
      • Utilised to carry ISO containing flush chemicals during sewer flush
    • Up to 30 x 6″ diesel driven self-priming water pumps
      • Utilised for emergency spill response and to move impacted stormwater into trucks during rain events
      • Pump out impacted creek water into tank/tankers
  • Traffic control
    • Traffic management plan in place across multiple sites
    • Full time traffic control at onsite treatment facility
  • 7 x pump stations
    • 6km of sewer mains remediated
    • Assets isolated and flushed with patented solvent/caustic flush
    • Lines hydrostatic tested for leaks prior to flush
    • All pumps and valves damaged repaired in conjunction with BAC and CV Services

Working with federal auditors, BAC and Arcadis, this was a co-ordinated effort to contain, decontaminate and remediate over 6klm of impacted working assets and infrastructure as well as significant area of natural environment. The methods used here were world leading in innovation and success and are now used as an example of PFAS remediation worldwide.

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