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Disinfection Cleaning & Business Continuity Services

AAA Industrial Services is partnering up with Arcadis for our disinfection cleaning and business continuity services.

Partnering with Arcadis allows AAA Industrial Services to harness Arcadis’ global experience from their US and UK divisions to their large Australian-based business. Arcadis are working closely with AAA to provide industrial strength cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation. Among these services, we are building a full rapid response, recovery and restoration package focusing fully on business continuity during outbreaks within your business and in the community.


Not only can we offer all heavy industrial grade remediation, cleaning services and equipment, we can back it up with the integrity of knowledge, experience and holistic approach for your business and customers.

AAA is ensuring continuity of service and stringent risk management AAA operations and compliance teams are taking the necessary precautions with constant review to ensure the health and safety of our employees, suppliers and customers.

We are fully operational and working hard to continue our current range ofservices. We have no delays affecting operations. All plant, equipment and staff are being dispatched as required

Our operations, sales and administration teams are readily available online, via email or phone should you have enquiries regarding implementation of services for the rapidly developing requirements your assets, facilities and customers may have.

Should any customers require an onsite meeting for the purpose of site inspections, preparation of scope, methodology, pricing and scheduling, please be aware that interactions will vary from the past. This is for everyone’s health and wellbeing while consideration to safety, efficiency and effectiveness is still paramount across all aspects of our services.

AAA Industrial Services Track Record

AAA has worked closely with Arcadis for over 3 years. Our background is accustomed to these types of stringent environments, response measures and practises on a day to day basis. This has been reinforced by our proven track record on large scale industrial and environmental remediation projects. Below are just a few:

White spot syndrome virus outbreak – Queensland aquaculture

Working closely with Bio Security for the supply of all plant, equipment, staff and supervision during shut down/decontamination of effected prawn farms during the initial response to white spot outbreak in the local aquaculture industry.

Legionnaire’s Disease Scare – Queensland hospitals and corporate facilities

Domestic potable water tank decontamination of eighteen 50,000L+ tanks. All tanks were decontaminated and sanitised following strict medical and environmental procedures after Legionnaire’s Disease scare. Our specially trained crew performed confined space entry using breathing apparatus on each tank allowing for a 3-stage decontamination process to be completed. This resulted in all tanks returning negative results to all further tests.

PFAS firefighting foam concentrate spill – Aviation industry

AAA performed as the major contractor working with Arcadis. We supplied all plant, equipment, staff and on site supervision for the biggest PFOS spill emergency response and remediation project in Australia to date. Working with federal auditors, BAC and Arcadis, this was a co-ordinated effort to contain, decontaminate and remediate over 6klm of impacted working assets and infrastructure as well as significant area of natural environment. The methods used here were world leading in innovation and success and are now used as an example of PFAS remediation worldwide.

In line with the above, our approach to date:

  • Notifications to customers on the current condition of operations and risk management
  • Addendums to WH&S policies according to risk assessments
  • Updates to SOP, safe work place practises, SWMS and JSEA
  • Regular tool box meetings and safety bulletins for all of our staff
  • Regular safety bulletin alerts and links to government information releases for all customers and staff

Safe guard protocol measures against external pressures on supply of service and operations:

  • Stocktake and stockpile of PPE with stringent PPE assignment control ensuring 6 months’ supply at max utilisation rates
  • Comprehensive preventative repairs and maintenance to all plant and equipment
  • Stock take and stockpile of cleaning chemicals and equipment
  • Calibrations, tests and tags and stock take of all access, CS, BA and tooling

If you have any questions or concerns, or simply need advice on how to maintain continuity feel free to contact us anytime. AAA Industrial Services has a long list of clients across many industries who are willing to work together to support us and we would like to extend this support to you and your customers.

Please pass this message on to anyone you think may benefit from our services.

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