Why Is Professional Surface Preparation Necessary?

Before starting any project in the line of painting, line marking, building or industrial coating, you need to ensure that you are working with a clean and prepared surface. At AAA Industrial Services we know how important it is to have an efficient and thorough cleaning done prior to the commencement of your work and that is why we place such value on our surface preparation services. We would like to share with you the multitude of benefits to having a professional high pressure preparation service.

Advantages Of Professional Surface Preparation

We work primarily with high pressure water jet blasters although we adapt our solution to your needs in terms of method, equipment and the decision to use abrasives or go without. Here are some of the benefits of using water jetting surface preparation:

  • Available and applicable to a wide variety of applications

Can be used on small or large surfaces regardless of horizontal or vertical alignment and  various materials or surfaces can be cleaned of paint, rust, or other contaminants.

  • Cleaner than sandblasting

Avoid excessive dust and debris deposits by using water vapours to prepare the surface and note that it is less damaging than sandblasting.

  • Environmentally friendly

Does not require particulates or chemicals and only water vapour is left behind.

  • No negative health effects

The lack of dust or abrasive silica grit means that there is less risk to your health via inhalation.

  • Economical

Less expensive to store and transport therefore cheaper and kinder to your bottom line.

  • Adheres to industry surface preparation standards

Water blasting removes all surface contaminants and unwanted material while preparing the surface so that the new adherents will stick properly.

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