Why A Clean Workplace Is A Safe Workplace

Many business owners tend to fall victim to the fallacy that commercial and industrial cleaning services simply clean your facility – and that’s it. The truth is that cleaning services such as these do more than leave your business looking as good as new. They are specifically designed to reduce health hazards, injuries and accidents, as well as protect products from contamination.

Let’s take a closer look at commercial cleaning in Brisbane.

Clean Floors Eliminate Slips And Falls

Whether an office block or a manufacturing site, dirty floors can pose serious risks for slips, falls, and accidents in several ways. Grease, grime, and buildups of dust and dirt can cause an unexpected change in the type of contact between employees’ feet and the surface they are walking on, causing them to slip.

This is particularly dangerous where machinery, such as forklifts, are involved as floors that have lost their grip in this way can cause fatal accidents. These machines already require quite a lot of care to prevent accidents due to any kind of internal failure such as a damaged battery, or even just due to the sheer size of it. And while you can find outside help for battery repairs (click here for an example), the cleanliness of the floors would fall more into your personal responsibilities. Furthermore, dirt and dust can also obscure directional line markings in warehouses and parking lots. This can pose a serious risk of accidents for both people and vehicles.

Disinfectants Decrease The Spread Of Bacteria And Viruses

A dirty workplace is a breeding ground for bacteria and the perfect place for viruses to spread. And with so many people working day in and day out in the same spaces, these illnesses can spread like wildfire. Considering the current circumstances of COVID-19, this could result in many people being infected and could be potentially fatal for vulnerable members of the public.

Furthermore, buildups of dust and allergens can trigger and or worsen allergies. Having a commercial and industrial cleaning company attend to your workspaces regularly will reduce the risks of infection or allergy. Your employees will be able to work their hours happily and healthily without hindrance.

Understandably, it can be difficult to ensure that your entire workspace is free from harmful viruses and bacteria since these organisms are microscopic in nature. What you can do, however, is get your workplace equipped with Smart Building applications from the likes of Vantiq (vantiq.com/smart-building/) or similar companies that can help you monitor Covid protocols like regular temperature screenings, access management symptom detection, maintaining social distancing between employees, or other such safety compliance issues. That way, if someone were to contract any symptoms of the virus-borne disease, the software could provide a sensor alerting the concerned company officials immediately.

Pro tip: Choose a cleaning contractor that offers COVID-19 sanitisation services in the event of a serious outbreak.

Dust-Free Ceilings Improve Visibility

Although dirty, dusty ceilings may seem inconsequential, these buildups will dislodge over time and will do more than just contaminate products. Falling dust, debris, mold, and allergens can not only cause visibility issues that lead to accidents but can also physically harm peoples’ eyes and eyesight. Of course, anyone can approach an eye doctor at SharpeVision or any similar eye clinic for vision improvement. But in order to keep up employee morale and productivity, setting a healthy work environment is quite important.
When these particles become airborne, they can also be breathed in and cause lung problems over time – which is especially worrying considering COVID-19 affects breathing ability. By choosing a cleaning company that can work at heights, these problems can be eliminated promptly. Additionally, having an efficiently working air conditioning unit (see The mighty service legends if your AC needs checking out) will eliminate a large number of dust particles in the air, so make sure to use it.

As you can see, a clean workplace truly does mean a safe workplace. And a safe workplace means healthy employees, fewer compensation costs, less sick leave, more profits and productivity, and a prosperous reputation.

If you’d like to enjoy a workplace such as this, call AAA Industrial Services As one of the most sought after commercial and industrial cleaning companies across Australia, you’ll enjoy a crew of highly trained, qualified, licensed, and insured cleaners that have worked across industries. With experience working in highly sensitive environments and with all types of waste, we boast a plethora of industrial-grade equipment to tackle the toughest problems.

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