Ultimate guide to finding your water blasting & high pressure water cleaner

Your business is your baby; your pride and joy. You have built its success on the foundations of your sweat, blood, tears and endless sleepless nights. However, an aspect many business owners tend to overlook when building a reputation for their business is the cleanliness of their premises.

It is an open secret that keeping your commercial property in pristine condition is a daunting and challenging task. So to keep your premises clean and next to godliness, you have used the services of numerous ‘cleaning experts’ who have failed to deliver on their promises.

Water blasting on the Gold Coast has become a popular choice in applications previously dominated by sandblasting techniques. Its rise in popularity is because it is a cost-effective, reliable and environmentally friendly cleaning method.

Finding the best water blasting cleaner in Brisbane is imperative to keeping your commercial premises in showroom condition, but it is a very challenging process. We have compiled our ultimate guide to help you find your cleaner;

  1. Pressure

The first thing to consider when searching for your water blasting cleaner on the Gold Coast is its pressure. Whether you are in the market for a mine spec, industrial or rental spec cleaner, it is advisable to opt for one with a high-pressure level, but not too high to cause any damage.

3,000 pounds per square inch (psi) is the optimal general cleaning pressure, and higher pressure is for the removal of greasy or sticky substances. While pressure that exceeds 4,000 psi converts to stripping rather than cleaning and is useful for removing paint.

  1. Flow

A water blasters flow on the Sunshine Coast is typically measured in litres per minutes (LPM). With industrial, mine spec and rental spec cleaners, they often have a wide range of flow levels. Thus, in general applications, the optimal flow rate is 18LPM, but to effectively clean off a large volume of substances, you will need a higher flow rate.

  1. Heating

Water blasting cleaners on the Gold Coast, depending on the model you choose, use either hot or cold water. A substance that is difficult to remove will require some heating on top of the high pressure and flow.

  1. Chemicals

The final thing to consider when choosing your water blasting cleaner on the Gold Coast is their ability to use cleaning chemicals. High-pressure water blasting cleaners in Brisbane will not always require chemicals, but you will find that the need may arise on specific hard to clean surfaces.

Should you use any chemicals in your cleaner, you must ensure that the pumps are equipped to handle the venturi attachment needed.

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