The Importance Of Industrial Pressure Cleaning Services For Construction Equipment

Construction equipment needs to be thoroughly and regularly cleaned to ensure that it functions at peak efficiency and longevity – especially considering the rigorous work it is involved in daily. Grease, grime, mud, dirt and operational debris can infiltrate the smallest of spaces and components in these expensive assets, further impacting their productivity by making them harder to handle properly.

Luckily, industrial pressure cleaning services can easily obliterate these buildups of debris and dirt, accessing hard-to-reach spaces without damaging the equipment itself. No matter how complex or heavy-duty, the right industrial cleaners can use pressure washers to revolutionize your equipment’s performance and efficiency. It can be your heavy-duty equipment like boom lifts or warehouse facility equipment like a ladder platform, having a pressure washing facility can help maintain your tools and apparatus safe. Let’s take a look at why!

Why Industrial Pressure Cleaning Is Perfect For Construction Equipment

Although there are several industrial cleaning services available, that doesn’t mean that they are all safe or successful with regards to cleaning construction equipment. Equipment should always be covered using something like commercial insurance so if your equipment does get damaged you can get new expensive equipment for much cheaper. However, it is always best to maintain your equipment so this coverage remains as a final resort rather than something you turn to all the time. This type of machinery tends to accumulate buildups of dirt, mud, and debris that adheres to its surfaces and hardens over time, becoming particularly stubborn. High-pressure washers are renowned as the ideal method for cleaning complex and heavy-duty equipment such as this. And there’s a scientific reason as to why.

Water is not only a safe medium to use on such expensive equipment, but also effective as the electrical polarity of its molecules attracts those of water soluble substances like dirt and debris. Industrial-grade detergents accelerate this process by breaking down substances like grease and gunk so that it can be blasted away. Now, for more stubborn buildups, more robust methods are needed. High-pressure washers use high kinetic energy to blast a narrow stream of hot or cold water and detergent to obliterate these buildups and wash them away. And because it’s only water, your equipment will not be damaged or contaminated.

How Professional Industrial Cleaners Use High-Pressure Washers

Firstly, industrial pressure cleaners use specific settings, advanced pressure washers, and strategic zoning processes to ensure that less water is used than traditional water-based cleaning methods. This ensures that the entire process is streamlined to save them time – and you money! Secondly, specific ratios of detergents and water, as well as different water temperatures, are used to attend to the different needs of each piece of equipment. For example, cold water is used to simply and quickly blast dirt and dust away, while hot water is used to simultaneously clean, sanitise, and disinfect equipment – a notable advantage considering today’s emphasis on reducing the spread of viruses like COVID-19.

At AAA Industrial Services, our pressure cleaning crew put an emphasis on thorough practices and protocols to ensure your equipment can function at peak performance for longer. All removable parts are dismantled with skill and care to tackle hidden buildups. Then, everything will be left to dry under our supervision before reassembling them promptly to ensure immediate business continuity.

If you think your equipment and business would benefit from specialised industrial pressure cleaning services such as this, come to us at AAA. As the primary contractor across industries for years, our services are in high demand and for good reason. With extensive resources and crews, we can easily dedicate ourselves to your projects.

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