The Importance And Costs Of Environmentally-Friendly Industrial Cleaning Services

Whether industrial, residential, or commercial, environmentally-friendly cleaning services are fast rising in popularity. Not only do they help to reduce our impact on the environment, but they have also become the status quo – being ethical, environmentally conscious, and sustainable is now an expectation, rather than a luxury for industrial sites and the like.

However, some companies are still dubious about the necessity of environmentally-friendly cleaning services. Industrial facility owners and managers tend to doubt the dangers of traditional cleaning services and are often discouraged by the perceived cost of the eco-friendly alternatives. So we’ve decided to take a closer look at these aspects and break it down for you!

The Dangers Of Traditional Industrial Cleaning Products

If you’re doubting the dangers of traditional industrial cleaning products, you’re not alone. Thanks to governments across the globe letting them run rampant across industries in the past, many facilities are unaware of the dangers they hold for the health and safety of our population and planet. The approach of, “use now and check later,” has resulted in the absence of research done on the long-term effects of industrial cleaning products.

Thanks to this, these harsh, toxic chemicals have seeped into our groundwater sources and the open ocean. Unfortunately, these substances cause havoc on these ecosystems, resulting in fatal mutations and animal populations being wiped out. And interfering with or killing off even one species of tiny animal in a specific food chain can cause a chain reaction of environmental chaos!

To make matters worse, countless industrial cleaning chemicals are carcinogenic in nature, posing risks for causing cancer in humans and animals alike. There have been multiple reports and even lawsuits involving employees handling such chemicals and suffering from cancers and neurological conditions later on. The Roundup fiasco, being a notable case for the agricultural industry in recent years.

What About The Costs Of Environmentally-Friendly Industrial Cleaning Services?

Luckily, it’s not too late! As we saw during the recent lockdowns, once we reduce the load we place on the environment, it tends to rectify itself over time. By opting for environmentally-friendly industrial cleaning services, you can do your part in reducing your impact on our planet and paving the way to a brighter, longer future.

You may think that paying for this privilege will leave you out-of-pocket – think again! Eco-friendly hygiene and sanitisation are surprisingly economical. As the public demands more and more environmentally-friendly services, companies, and policies, the surge in their availability has resulted in their expenses reducing significantly. However, this also depends on the industrial cleaning specialists you choose.

At AAA Industrial Services, our priorities are protecting your facility from breakdowns, failures, malfunctions, and health and safety hazards, while also protecting our planet. As the leading industrial cleaning contractor in sensitive environments in Australia, you can be confident that we stand by our work and commitment to you and the environment.

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