Patented Clear Anti-Slip Coatings

Patented clear, anti-slip coatings are a saving grace in public places where accidents can often occur. Tiles and tiled areas can often be incredibly slippery areas, especially in public places where water may be present. Whether you’re dealing with tiles on the inside of a factory floor or tiled areas in public spaces, they can often become slippery when wet and become a significant hazard to those that don’t know the area especially well. Best to call the professionals.

A Crystal Clear Solution

There is a solution to this issue, and that is through the use of patented clear anti-slip coatings. These surface coverings go directly on the tiles and can make it a lot easier for people to safely walk on otherwise dangerous parts of flooring. This coating makes it easier to grip the surface even when wet, which may prevent falls. Adding a layer such as this is a quick and easy solution to correcting an otherwise dangerous space, turning a potentially avoided area into an enjoyable one. A coating that does not obscure the signage or markings beneath it, but can still be used for heavy machinery within the industrial setting, this is an ideal way to create a safe and secure route or routes for your teams to follow around the industrial setting. Whether factories or sites, up high or down low, these surface covering solutions ensure that no one is hurt through silly mishaps like slipping on a regular surface without cover. What this product does is create a more rough and textured surface for your work boots or shoes to grip onto.

A Multitude Of Applications

While ideally suited for industrial businesses, these covering solutions are also seen across corporate settings. Covering hallway floors and fire escapes, school yards and gyms, there are many areas where you may find these anti-slip solutions without even realising it. Another common area to find these products would be in kitchens and bathrooms, where slippery tiles could cause potential injury or harm. When water covers these spaces they can be a terrible place to fall.

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