Hardstand Refurb

Professional Services

  • Project Management Services
  • Oversee and facilitate resourcing and administration
  • Engineering, survey, and professional services

Large crew supervision

  • Co-ordinate all on site activities
  • Crew spilt over multiple sites
  • On call team on standby 24/7

Earthmoving equipment

  • 14t – 30t excavators utilised to remove concrete, asphalt, and subbase
  • Pozi trucks utilised to transport excavated material
  • 12t smooth and padfoot rollers
  • 20t front end loader
  • Water trucks
  • Body tippers
  • Vacuum truck utilised to locate utility services

Traffic control

  • Applied across extensive civil projects, construction, Council works, commercial business operations, stone cutting sites
  • Traffic pedestrian plans across multi sites


  • Bulk earthworks 2,000 cubic meters subbase material removed
  • Supply and install subbase and base material 2,000 cubic meters
  • 1500m2 new concrete slab