Quality Policy

Meeting the quality expectations of our clients is a primary commitment in all our work. To deliver on our commitment to quality, AAA Industrial Services will:

Maintain – and monitor the quality management system consistent with the certification requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Comply – with statutory obligations and codes of practices relevant to quality management.

Ensure all work is completed efficiently and to a quality standard which conforms to the agreed specifications and contract.

Provide – sufficient resources to implement and maintain a quality management program.

Educate – workers, subcontractors and others to improve skills and knowledge of quality issues and practices.

Identify – and resolve all non conformances.

Review – annually the effectiveness of our quality management system.

AAA Industrial Services has implemented a Safety, Quality & Environmental Management System (SQE) system which details the values, policies and procedures by which our business is managed.  The SQE system is designed to ensure client requirements are identified and systems established, implemented and maintained by the development and use of Management Plans.

The performance in relation to quality, time and cost, and the relationships with our clients is the responsibility of every person in the business.

We support initiative, acknowledge effort, encourage and assist workers to realise personal and company goals. AAA Industrial Servicesis committed to the values of integrity, teamwork and strive to be better supported by the following key quality objectives:

  • Review and continually strive to improve the SQE System
  • Meet or exceed client expectations for delivery of projects, within the goals of the business
  • Deliver industry best practice outcomes that comply with legal and contractual requirements, and
  • Develop smart and robust practices to deliver efficient outcomes.