Take a look at some of our recent projects, across a range of industries. From high pressure cleaning, to line marking removal. We operate all over South-East Queensland, and then some!

Sewer Network Maintenance

  • Clean, Enter and Re-Point Cement Works of Intersecting Sewer Lines at the Base of Manhole while Sewer is Live

Recycled Water Tanks

  • All Tank and Pipe Cleaning for the Entire Western Corridor Pipeline Mothballing Process

Pond De-Sludging

  • 240T per Day of Allum Sludge Removed from Site and Transported to Disposal Facility an Hour Away

Paradise Dam - Green Cutting and Surface Preparation

  • Acres of Rock Surface Wash Down and Green Cutting for all Concrete Pour Preparations for the Paradise Dam Flood Recovery Project

Pallet Washing

  • Washing of Over 200,000 Pallets Throughout Brisbane During the Recovery from the 2011 Floods

Paint Booth Cleaining

  • Removal of Caked On Dried Paint from Internal Surfaces of Paint Booth

Oily Water Separator Decontamination

  • Entry Into and Cleaning/Decontamination of PCB Contaminated Oily Water Separators Throughout Queensland Power/Sub-Stations

International Bulk Carrier

  • Full Internal Clean Down of Bulk Carrier's Entire Carrying Hull in Preparation for a Change in Materials
  • 40 Hours of Constant Cleaning at Short Notice

Emergency Spill Cleanup

Culvert Clean

  • 80m Long
  • 500mm Deep
  • 200T of Rock and Debris Removed by Blasting and Kingvac

Construction, Landscaping, Drive Ways and Hardstand

Chicken Factory Feather Pit Clean

12 Million Litre Tank - Internal Surface Prep

  • Floor, Walls and Columns - 45m Wide x 10m High Tank
  • 5 Tonnes of Concrete Fines Removed from Surface
  • Crane, 2 Sciccor Lifts, Working at Height and EWP Operating Close Range Blasting of Walls
  • 2 Day Project

Domestic Potable Water Tank Decontamination

  • 18 50,000L+ Tanks Decontaminated and Sanitised
  • Full Decontamination after Legionnaire's Disease Scare
  • Confined Space Breathing Apparatus Entries on each Tank
  • 3 Stage Decontamination Process Upon Entry and Exit
  • Specially Trained 4 Man Crew
  • 6 Week Project

Food Processing Plant De-Commission

  • 15 Acre Food Processing Plant De-Commission Clean
  • Over 100 Tanks and Silos
  • 75,000m² of Concrete Hardstand
  • 100's of Kilometeres of Steel Pipework and Cable Trays
  • 18 Man Crew, 12 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
  • 2 Month Project

Sewer Network Rehabilitation

  • 32 QUU Network Pump Stations Rehabilitated
  • 11 Trunk Main Bypass Valves Installed
  • Up to 7 Vacuum Tankers, 2 Heavy Vacuum Trucks and an 7 Man Support Crew Per Station
  • First Major Pump Station Rehabilitation Program in Over 20 Years
  • 18 Month Project

Major Multipurpose Arena

  • Stairs, Stair and Balcony Wall and BBQ Area
  • Pressure Clean and Vacuum Washwater
  • Works Completed in One Day

Freestanding Warehouse Facility Clean

  • 16000m² of Coated Hardstand
  • All Works Carried Out in Two Nights

Shopping Centre Footpaths, Walls and Carparks

  • 300m² of Footpaths and Tiles
  • 400m of 1.2m High Walls
  • 16,000m² of Carpark Floors
  • Works Completed in 4 Nights

Warehouse External Washdown

  • Washdown of External Warehouse Walls and Paths
  • 150m Long, 70m Wide and 9m High Warehouse
  • All Works Carried Out in 1.5 Nights After Hours
  • Ready in Time for Client Inspection with 1 Days Notice

Aquatic Centre Works

  • Supply and install mesh panels
  • Pressure clean exterior brickwork
  • Pressure clean shade sails
  • Jet rod storm water lines

Shopping Village Works

  • Washdown of Carpark and Façade
  • Line Marking of Carpark
  • Bird Spike Install
  • Supply and Install of Bollards in Carpark

Medical Hub Washdown

  • Complete Building Washdown Including All Glass
  • 4-Man Crew
  • 2 60ft Knuckle Booms
  • Works Completed in 10 Hours

Artificial Turf Removal

  • Removal of artificial turf from tennis court
  • Full pressure clean for resurfacing preparation
  • 4-man crew
  • Dingo
  • 2 x 6m skip bins
  • 4t of sand moved by hand
  • Completed in 10 Hours

Concrete Demolition

  • Scabbling Underside of Suspended Slab

Emergency Spill Cleanup

  • Emergency Hydraulic Oil Spill Cleanup
  • 4-man crew
  • 10kL Vac Truck
  • Completed in 12 Hours

Tiled Area Acid Wash

  • Acid Wash Tiled Areas
  • 3-Man Crew
  • Low Pressure, High Volume Water Blasting Units
  • Works Completed in 8 Hours

Loading Dock Clean

  • Loading Dock Clean
  • 2-man crew
  • Twin Engine Water Blaster Unit
  • Completed in 4 Hours

Disabled Ramp Construction

  • Construct Disabled Ramp for Shopping Centre Carpark
  • 3-Man Crew
  • Works Completed in 6 Hours

Carpark Clean

  • Carpark Clean
  • 5-man crew
  • Completed in 7 Hours

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