Plant Equipment

Manned Water Blaster General Labour De-ionization Window Cleaning System
Manned Twin-Engine Water Blaster Site Supervisor/Working Forman De-ionization Window Cleaning System Operator
Manned Hotwash Water Blaster Project manager Line Marking Removal
Hydro jet machine truck mount 2 ops (HP 170) Confined Space Equipment Road Sweeping
Hydro jet machine 2 ops Twin pumps (HP 240) – 114 lpm Breathing Apparatus Ride on Sweeper
Hydro jet machine 2 ops Triple pumps Ventilation/Lighting Ride on Scrubber
Hydro jet machine additional ops Wet/Dry 3×3 stage Vacuum 60L Sweeping Waste Disposal Fee
Hydro jet machine filters per unit General Works PPE Sweeping Water Usage Fee
Hydro jet ops special PPE per person Site Specific PPE Drain Cleaner Combo
Chemical Cleaner and Application Scissor Lift up to 19ft Drain Cleaner
Confined Space/Working at Heights Labour Scissor Lift up to 32ft CCTV
EWP Operator Knuckle Boom – Size on request
BA 150 self-priming diesel driven 6-inch pump 3-inch submersible 3 phase electric pump
Vacuum Tanker – Rigid Vacuum Tanker – Truck and Dog Kingvac/Supervac 2 x Op
Vacuum Tanker – Rigid Vacuum Tanker – B Double Dangerous goods – Semi
Vacuum Tanker – Semi Kingvac/Supervac
Non Destructive Digging Jet Rodder 1 x Op Panoramo Inspection 2 x OP
Non Destructive Digging Standard CCTV Van 2 x Op Laser Profiling
Non Destructive Digging High Definition CCTV Van 2x OP Locating Sonding
Non Destructive Digging Push Rod Camera 1x OP
Electronic Locating Quickview Inspection 2 x Op
Excavator Moxie Artic dump truck Semi float
Excavator Bobcat Body Tipper
Excavator 6T combo Semi Tipper
Excavator Smooth drum roller Truck and Dog Tipper
Dozer Pad foot roller Water Truck
Grader with GPS 100T float DG flat top – semi
Frontend Loader Semi Float
Semi Flat Top Semi Skel
Sealed Tank Poly Sealed Tank Sealed Container
Sealed Tank Sealed Tank Tank Transport
Sealed Tank Open Top Container Tank

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