Cleaning & Washing Services

Using the latest technology and methods in conjunction with our highly trained staff and industry experience, we are able to always approach our work with a high level of integrity, efficiency and quality.

We hold customer service at the top of our priority, as well as ensure our stringent WPH&S and environmental guidelines and work methods are adhered to, minimising all parties’ exposure to risk.


Large Scale Surface Cleaning

AAA Industrial Services specialise in large scale surface cleaning. With our fleet of pressure cleaning units and work vehicles, which include vacuum trucks, we have what it takes to get the job done. Our production rates are unrivalled in the industry and we always ensure the work is done as safely and efficiently as possible. All work is completed to the highest standards and AAA will go to any length to ensure our customers are no less than 100% satisfied with the results.

Car Parks are the usually the first point of contact a business has with its customers. An oily, greasy carpark or hardstand is not only an eyesore, it is a safety hazard as well. AAA Industrial Services can ensure your carpark is always clean, safe and presentable. From a basic wash down to full scale degreasing and pressure cleaning, AAA Industrial Services provide a fast and effective car park cleaning on the Sunshine Coast. Utilising specialised, environmentally friendly products and purpose-built equipment, we can remove grease and oil from concrete, tiles and various other surfaces. Our customers have come to expect high quality results which easily surpass requirements for industry slip tests and AAA Industrial Services always deliver.

High Level Cleaning

High cleans are no problem for AAA Industrial Services. High ceilings, external walls, windows and louvres are just a few areas we service for our growing customer base. Specialist equipment and certified operators make easy work of those difficult to access areas.

Are your shade sails dirty or mouldy? Considering replacing them? Give AAA Industrial Services a call first. We can clean your shade sails for a fraction of the price it would cost to replace them. Vinyl, canvass, shade cloth – you name it, we can clean it! Call today for a free quote.

Project Management Services

By drawing on our diverse industry experience and trade qualified employees, AAA Industrial Services has what it takes to manage even the biggest of projects. AAA has successfully managed projects for major Tier 1 companies, across multiple industries throughout SE Queensland. From small internal jobs to major high-profile projects, AAA can cover everything from supplying management, labour and equipment through to accounting, budgeting and project planning.

Surface Preperation

AAA Industrial Services provide surface preparation to painters, builders, line markers and industrial coating specialists. Using high pressure/high volume techniques, we can prep almost any surface, with or without abrasives.

Line Marking Removal

Here at AAA Industrial Services, fast and effective removal of line marking paint from concrete, tiles, and bitumen is all in a day’s work. Our team have the know how to remove even the toughest paint without the use of grinders.

Elevated Work Platforms

At AAA Industrial Services, we have no qualms about working on elevated work platforms in order to give us the reach we need. That is because some large buildings and windows are difficult to access and clean using traditional methods. Our industrial cleaning experts are comfortable at such heights and will confidently blast away any dirt and grime from your windows, leaving them spotless. You will not have to worry about the height of your building and how to get it cleaned, we can do it all for you at a reasonable price. Get in touch with us!

Confined Space/Working at Heights

Do you have a project that requires a team to provide cleaning services in either a confined space or one at heights? AAA Industrial Services offer professional industrial and commercial cleaning services in Brisbane at affordable prices. You will not have to worry about getting to those hard-to-reach areas with us on the job. We have plenty of methods to ensure that we can maneuver into any kind of space with our equipment.

Hazardous Material Cleaning

Does your company regularly work with hazardous materials that needs cleaning up? Whether it is an oil spill, acid spill and other chemical, AAA Industrial Services can take care of the mess. Our experts in the field will work hard to ensure that every surface is left sparkling clean. We earned our reputation by assisting with the clean-up efforts in the floods of 2012 which occurred across the Brisbane area. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are dealing with an enormous spill that needs our hazardous material cleaning expertise. We are waiting for your call!

Paint Removal

Want to change up the look of your commercial property with a coat of paint? You will have to remove any old and peeling layers of paint before applying a new coat. To remove paint manually takes a lot of effort and work, but that does not have to be the case. AAA Industrial Services have years of experience using their powerful high-pressure cleaning equipment to remove stubborn paint. This will also help expose any cracks, bad plaster or defects that may need to be addressed in order to strengthen the structure of the building. Try our services today!

Emergency Cleanup Response

Nobody expects an incident that will require an emergency cleanup response, but a company should always be prepared for such a scenario. At AAA Industrial Services, we are more than ready and capable to respond to emergencies without delay, as every second counts. We can be at a site in as little as one hour. Our experts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week waiting for your call so we can assist in any emergency. Whether it is an industrial spill, a flood cleanup, or a sewer overflow, we are ready to help you. Get in touch with us!

Truck/Plant/Machinery Wash Downs

After a long hard day of work, machinery, trucks and the plant will need a wash down to avoid wear and tear. This will also keep your trucks looking presentable and allow your machinery to work more efficiently without any debris or soil obstructing it. At AAA Industrial Services, we have powerful water-pressure equipment that can blast away any dirt. Allowing you to welcome clients into your plant without any fear of embarrassment due to a messy environment. Call AAA Industrial Services today!

Marine Growth Removal

All marine-based structures such as boats, piers and bridges will require maintenance, repairs and inspections at regular intervals, and this will require marine growth removal. Being underwater, cables, pillars and pipes will attract large colonies of marine life. Not removing the marine organisms will cause structural failure or cause the integrity of these structures to break down. With the help of AAA Industrial Services, you can rest easy knowing that these structures will be left light as a feather and not weighed down by any marine growth, which will only grow larger if left unattended. We will get your boat ready for inspection within the deadline.

Cleaning & Maintenance Programs

Commercial and industrial properties should have a regular cleaning and maintenance program. When your parking lot is clean, the walls of the mall are spotless, and the various paths into the property are pristine your curb appeal is greatly increased. AAA Industrial Services are experts in car park cleaning on the Gold Coast and will provide these services without hindering your customer’s experience. Cleaning and maintenance programs ensure that your properties attract more traffic through their doors. Let us assist you in providing a clean and healthy shopping environment for your customers. Get in touch with us!

Storm Water Vault Cleaning

A stormwater vault prevents excess runoff from entering waterways in developed urban areas. It helps to prevent flooding and soil erosion around local rivers, dams and canals. The underground stormwater system can easily be clogged with soil and debris from the runoff. Our experts at AAA Industrial Services work quickly and efficiently to remove any obstacles that might cause extensive damage. We have years of experience in the industry to ensure that the stormwater vault is working efficiently.

Rendering Plants/Trade Waste/DAF/Bunded Areas

Rendering plants, trade wastewater, dissolved air flotation plants and bunded areas require regular cleaning to operate at optimal levels and ensure the environment remains spotless. This level of cleaning can be tough for most cleaning providers but not for AAA Industrial Services. We have experience in rendering plants that mostly work with meat to process animal by-products and materials to produce grease and high-protein meat.

Shutdown Pre-Maintenance Cleans

No matter how much you plan for a shutdown at a production plant, doing so is never fun, even if the reason to do so is important. However, it is necessary to perform maintenance and repairs on equipment and provide replacements for machines to ensure that your plant can continue running at an optimal level and provide its service to the community. At AAA Industrial Services, we have years of experience with shutdown pre-maintenance services to ensure that the equipment is ready for the restoration experts to work without being obstructed by any dirt or grime. We are capable of working within a tight deadline, even if the maintenance is unscheduled.

Jet Rodding & Drainage Cleaning

Having trouble with a clogged drainage system, causing the flow to slow down? These issues can be a nightmare to solve, but pose no problem to the experts at AAA Industrial Services. We use our powerful and high-pressure water equipment to blast away any debris, causing the blockage. There is no need to use unreliable methods such as plumbing snakes, chemicals or digging to find the cause. Our jet nozzles can fit in any drainage pipes and clear its entire length, even oil and grease stand no chance against the strong jets of water. Contact us for drain cleaning on Gold Coast


We take on a range of jobs, specialising in high-pressure water blasting in industrial and commercial applications up to 40,000psi.

In conjunction with wet dry vacuums, vacuum trucks and bulk liquid transport we provide a wide range of services. We operate in SE Queensland and have the capacity to operate on a national basis.

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