Top 5 Tips For Pressure Washing Your Vinyl Siding

Keeping your industrial facility’s vinyl siding sparkling clean isn’t just about creating an inviting appearance that ensures profitable first impressions. It also increases the perceived value of your business, reinforces your reputation and quality standards, and instills a sense of confidence in your clients, partners, and investors alike. If you deem that pressure washing is not an option, look for professionals who can carry out extensive siding repair and replacement for your industrial facility.

However, if you only have pressure washing to do so, as it’s the easiest and most cost-effective method. Although hiring professional industrial cleaners for pressure washing tasks is much cheaper and safer, ensuring success is guaranteed, some site owners and managers may want to go the DIY route. At AAA Industrial Services, we never recommend DIY jobs, as the results can often be catastrophic and costly. But we also know that, if you’ve made up your mind, we may not be able to sway you.

In that case, our industrial cleaning specialists have compiled their top five tips for pressure washing the vinyl siding of your building to help you reach success. Let’s dive in!

TIP 1: Don’t Forget The Cleaning Solution

Water does wonder for cleaning away dirt. However, in industrial facilities, water is simply no match for the stubborn buildups of operational by-products, chemicals, grease, and so on. You will need an industrial cleaning solution that is specifically designed for pressure washing the substances at hand. You will also need to use the correct ratio of the solution and water to ensure optimal results.

TIP 2: Scrubbing May Be Necessary

Although industrial-grade pressure washers are designed to reduce the amount of physical effort required in the cleaning process, it’s unlikely that you have access to such specialised equipment. In that case, you will need to lightly scrub some areas that are particularly dirty and rinse the grime away – especially if it has been a while since you last cleaned your siding.

TIP 3: Safety Equipment Is Essential

Pressure washers are extremely powerful tools that can easily cause damage or injury when in untrained and inexperienced hands! For this reason, we recommend ensuring that anyone operating them is equipped with the appropriate safety gear, as well as training. Most importantly, they should be wearing safety gloves (to see some, you can Click Here To Visit Unigloves For Free) and glasses, as well as protective aprons or hazmat suits if dealing with harsh chemicals or dangerous substances.

TIP 4: Strategic Rinsing

Once you’ve finished pressure washing your vinyl siding, make sure to be cautious when rinsing it down. You’ll want to stand at a distance from the surfaces to avoid causing any damage to your siding or any surrounding equipment. This is because high water pressure can erode your sidings, which would necessitate you to hire a trusted singing company (visit to know more) to repair it. Therefore stand at an appropriate distance while pressure washing. Make sure to start from one side and end at the other to ensure you don’t miss a spot.

TIP 5: Call In The Cavalry

As mentioned above, achieving success will be difficult without the correct equipment and safety gear. Not only that but if you do have industrial-grade pressure washing equipment, avoiding damage or injury will be challenging without the right training. We’ve seen many cases where skin was broken, vision was impaired, and things like eaves, lighting, windows, and equipment have been damaged. The best tip we can give is leaving pressure washing to the professionals!

With years of experience pressure washing industrial facilities under our tool belts, the technicians at AAA Industrial Services will clean your vinyl siding efficiently and cost-effectively. We have the right tools, tactics, and solution ratios to ensure the job is done right the first time with minimal time wasted during the process, greatly reducing the costs involved.

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