New window cleaning technology saving clients thousands

Window cleaning technology has come a long way over the years. While many businesses have simple, easy to reach window designs, many are situated in towering buildings that have dozens upon dozens of sections. Traditionally, any exterior glass above one story in height is going to be in need of some serious equipment, and serious cost. Services most often used to get to these hard to reach places are abseiling, boom, or scissor lift systems. All of these in their own right also require their own sets of accompanying equipment. In order to adhere to safety and security guidelines all of these are necessities and must be worn on site when working. With all of this accounted for it can be quite an undertaking to get business glass properly serviced. Read on to see just how much technology is changing this.

The Impact Of Technology

Promising new thought, from the world of emerging technologies, is shifting this idea and creating a more cost-effective method to the tall building dilemma. Water-fed now seems to be the way to go. While taller buildings, over ten stories may continue to rely on the more traditional methods used by a commercial window washer, this new technology is now making it possible to clean windows up to eight stories in height far more effectively than ever before. With the need for fewer on-site operators and a much faster pace, it is proving to be a wonder to work with, without the need for expensive lift equipment.

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This awesome development is actually a relatively simple concept in practice. It takes an extendable carbon fiber pole, cleaning brush, hose, and attaches it to a filter system. This is used to soften the water of heavy metals and ensure streak-free results, without harmful agents. With this lightweight, adjustable rm you can reach far more surface area than before and in turn, cover far more units in a shorter time. While the design may seem simple enough, the dynamic use of this ensures that a far wider reach can be achieved by service providers’ themselves while still maintaining consistently high results.

Whether your windows are in need of regular maintenance or conditional cleanings, be sure to rely on the advanced, technological solutions that can change the way you see these services. No longer a week of cleaners hanging outside your office space, now it can be done efficiently and without interrupting your daily work. Trust the professionals and be sure to contact AAA Industrial Services today!

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