Production and manufacturing

Whether you’re in production or manufacturing, maintaining a clean environment is vital. Unwanted grime can impact a food manufacturer’s hygiene rating, and dirt can potentially impact production lines. Often, using water alone doesn’t cut it, leaving underlying grime behind.

Effective cleaning solutions

High-pressure cleaning can help blast away impurities on any surface. At 40,000 pound-force per square inch (psi), it has a scouring effect on walls, floors, and other facades, removing hard-to-shift substances with ease. The high-pressure method is versatile, spanning awkward places that are usually out of reach. It can also offer accuracy and precision unavailable with cleaning methods done by hand, making it a cost-effective solution for food processing and manufacturing plants nationwide.

Indoors and outdoors

Whether you’re looking to leave your warehouse clean and sparkling or to remove unwanted graffiti from the outside of your property, high-pressure cleaning is the solution you need. Capable of removing paint as well as surface dirt, our team can help your production and manufacturing facilities in maintenance and industrial shutdown periods.

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Professional services

At AAA Industrial Services, we offer our cleaning services to production and manufacturing industries from our base in South-East Queensland. Including scheduled maintenance programs and our elevated work platforms to help reach those awkward places, we can keep your industrial property in good condition regularly.

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