Mining / Metals

Mining and sourcing metals can be a challenging business, facing a wide variety of health and safety risks on top of environmental hazards. At AAA Industrial Services, our team can help your industrial site work safely at optimum efficiency levels.

From metal mining to oil and gas extraction, your business needs sufficient control measures to minimise health and safety risks. These can include environmental factors such as dust and noise or chemical hazards. With over 20 years of experience, our experts are at your disposal in aiding your site maintenance.

How we can help

Ensuring your workforce stays safe is an employer’s top priority. At AAA Industrial Services, we have a range of expertise that can help minimise safety risks, including:

Industrial shutdown and maintenance – Planned maintenance and turnarounds could significantly improve the performance of your plant or mine for the future. As industry experts, we can help you perform the necessary maintenance repairs, and equipment replacements to keep your industry running smoothly.

Earthmoving – In the mining industry, earthmoving is a necessary job. If you’re looking to outsource some of your earthmoving work to a professional company, then AAA Industrial Services can help.

Cleaning services – From storage buildings needing a high-pressure wash down to dealing with polluted groundwater, our cleaning services can maintain a hygienic workplace in your industrial properties and mining sites. If your mine workers deal with hazardous materials, a regular cleaning practice can be useful in minimising the risk of a chemical spill. In the event something goes awry, we also offer emergency clean up service.

As a family – owned business based in South-East Queensland, our experience in the mining and metal sourcing industry is here to help. With a team on call 24/7, we can respond to any urgent emergencies and offer you a free quote at any time. Give us a call today to find out more.

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