Entertainment facilities

Who doesn’t love a trip to the theatre? However, if you’re taking care of entertainment facilities such as exhibitions, museums, theatres, cinemas, concert halls, or function rooms, there is a lot of things to consider. Public venues can attract a lot of footfall, and with high volumes of people comes engrained dirt and germs. Ensure your site looks its best, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment with a proper cleaning and maintenance service.

What we offer

For expert providers delivering high-quality results, look no further than AAA Industrial Services. We offer a wide variety of cleaning and maintenance programmes, catered to suit your entertainment facility.

Scheduled maintenance programs – The entertainment industry is a busy one, and it’s easy to let tasks such as cleaning and maintenance slip your mind. Take the worry and stress out of property maintenance with our scheduled programs. With a pre-arranged plan, you can have your services pencilled-in ahead of time, allowing you to focus on running a business.

High-pressure cleaning – Nothing removes dirt like a high-pressure cleaning service. Blast away that tough grime and debris, leaving the inside and outside of your property looking fantastic. Alongside our floor sweeping and scrubbing facilities, your entertainment facility will look as good as new in no time.

Elevated work platforms and abseiling – Sometimes things can be a little out of reach, especially when it comes to cleaning high-up support beams and glass. For all those tough to reach places, we can operate abseiling and elevated work platforms in our cleaning services, ideal for stadiums, concert halls, and other venues with elevated areas.

At AAA Industrial Services, we offer high-quality services to your entertainment facility at affordable prices. Keep your business hygienic, clean and safe for all your visitors with ease. Our expert team are on hand 24/7, so get in touch with them today to receive a free quote.

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