How To Handle Spills: Clean Them Up Or Call In Hazmat Services?

Knowing the difference between when to clean up a spill or when to get out of potential harm’s way and call in the professionals is an essential part of workplace safety and an invaluable skill. It can be difficult to know which scenario is which if your company works with a wide variety of chemicals or set of hazards. At AAA Industrial Services we know that increasing employee knowledge and providing clear direction is a key component of balancing the ability to make incidental responses part of their daily routine and knowing that they can call in our hazmat services team when they feel uncomfortable or unsure about a particular clean up.

Factors To Consider When Deciding Whether To Handle The Spill Yourself Or Call In The Response Team

Here are the main considerations you need to consider:

  1. Is this incidental or an emergency?
  2. What is the hazard potential?
  3. What are the circumstances?
  4. What does your training say?

An incidental spill does not pose a substantial hazard to the worker or the workers cleaning it up. These spills usually involve small quantities or lower hazard chemicals that do not have the potential to be exposed to dangerous elements such as fire. An emergency spill is one in which there is unsafe exposure to a particular chemical and requires evacuation since it poses a threat to life and/or health conditions and could pose a fire or explosion risk. In some cases the volume or weight of the chemical, wet conditions (risk of slipping) and ventilation may be a deciding factor too.

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