How To Choose The Best Commercial Cleaning Company

Having a professional, reliable, and thorough commercial cleaning company in Brisbane has never been more important than right now. With fears around hygiene at their highest, your business needs to be spotless to preserve its reputation as an employer of choice and a safe, sanitary business to buy from.

However, enjoying spotless premises and making a good first impression depends on the commercial cleaning company you choose. Any old contractor simply won’t do. But how do you find such an exemplary cleaning company? Keep calm and read on!


Trust, above all else, is essential when it comes to choosing Commercial Cleaning Services for your business. Often, cleaning companies such as this will work after hours – well past the time that you and your employees have clocked off for the day. When those keys are handed over you need to be sure that your assets will be safe and that the correct cleaning procedure is followed without the need for your supervision.

A trustworthy commercial cleaning company will be well-known and boast years of experience working in your area, industry, and type of building and working environment. They should also have and be happy to share contactable references – both past and current.


Cleaning a commercial property is not the same as cleaning a home – it involves cleaning to preserve expensive assets and within sensitive environments where specific regulations must be followed. As such, the cleaning company you choose should exclusively hire qualified and reliable employees. Along with that, companies should conduct a criminal background check to ensure that none of the employees have any criminal records that could affect the customers or put them in danger. Furthermore, cleaning companies should also ensure that their team is consistently trained to preserve their work’s quality and safety.

You should ask each potential company about their screening and training processes for their crews. Specifically, you should focus on the following areas:

  • Background checks
  • Work reference checks
  • Interview processes
  • Safety training
  • Written procedures in place
  • Who the training is performed by

Service Capacity

Ideally, you want to choose a commercial cleaning company that offers full-service capacities. Otherwise, you will likely have to hire additional cleaning services to complete tasks that may be outside of their expertise or available resources. For example, you may need a company that doesn’t only offer standing office cleaning, but also:

  • COVID-19 sanitisation services in case of outbreaks
  • Water blasting and pressure cleaning services
  • Cleaning services at heights or in confined spaces
  • Heavy-duty equipment cleaning
  • Paint/graffiti removal services
  • Surface preparation services

With these insights, a truly valuable and dependable commercial cleaning company – like AAA Industrial Services – will be easily discernible from the countless others advertising their services online. Our remediation, maintenance, and cleaning services have long been in high demand across South-East Queensland, remote site locations, and Australia as a whole in both commercial and industrial applications. Why? Because of the quality of our services, the qualifications of our crew, and experience working in sensitive environments are unmatched.

Get in touch with us now to create a customised cleaning plan for your premises and get a free, non-obligatory quote!