Health and Safety Policy

The health and safety of our workers is of the highest priority and will not be compromised. We must all ensure our safety and that of our fellow workers through commitment to safe work practices and safe working environments.

AAA Industrial Services is determined to be an industry leader in occupational health and safety. To deliver on our commitment, we will:

Maintain – a Health & Safety Management in accordance with 45001:2018 across all operations

Comply – with all applicable workplace health and safety laws, regulatons and other statutory obligations.

Communicate health and safety policies and procedures to all workers, to ensure they are aware of their legal obligations related to Armada Built operations.

Consult – with our personnel on workplace health and safety matters to gain their valuable input and to continually improve our performance.

Seek – to achieve the personal commitment of all workers, subcontractors, suppliers and vendors to healthy and safe workplace practices.

Provide – health and safety risk management systems and procedures that are relevant to the nature and scale of work undertaken.

Establish – measurable health and safety targets and seek to continually improve our health and safety performance.

Monitor and report the health and safety performance relating to all of our operations, as well as promote reporting of health and safety observations, behaviours, and incidents.

Review and revise this Health and Safety Policy every year to ensure the process complies with legislative requirements and meets both the needs of the organisation and workers.

The wellbeing of our workers and those working for us is of paramount importance. It is the responsibility of all individuals to achieve a healthy and safe workplace.

AAA Industrial Services is committed to the values of integrity, teamwork and to strive to be better supported by the following key health and safety objectives:

  • Do no harm, everyone safe everyday;
  • Deliver industry best practice outcomes that comply with all legal and contractual requirements;
  • To have no incidents resulting in injuries, and
  • To develop smart and robust practices to deliver efficient outcomes.