Environmental Protection Policy

AAA Industrial Services strives for excellence in the area of environmental protection and awareness in an effort to achieve industry best practice in our operations. Setting objectives, measuring progress and communicating results will achieve continual improvement in environmental performance.

Todeliver best practice AAA Industrial Services shall:

Comply – with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations having taken into account client requirements and industry guidelines

Maintain – an environmental management system that meets the requirements of ISO 14001:2015

Apply – waste minimisation principals taking all practicable steps to prevent pollution and other adverse effects from our operations.

Encourage -all workers to consider how they can minimise their impact on the environment.

Educate – and train our workers and subcontractors to continually improve awareness, skills and performance relating to environmental practises and issues.

Review – our environmental policy and environmental procedures annually to maintain their relevance and compliance.

Implement – robust reporting against environmental measurements and transparent reporting of incidents and our environmental footprint.

Communicate – significant environmental aspects to clients and other relevant parties, as required.

Minimising environmental impacts and avoiding damage to our cultural heritage sites and values is an integral part of our activities and work methods and is a requirement of our workers and subcontractors.

AAA Industrial Services is committed to the values of integrity, teamwork and to strive to be better supported by the following key environmental objectives:

  • Deliver positive environmental outcomes that add value to the business;
  • Deliver industry best practice outcomes that comply with all legal and contractual requirements;
  • To have no incidents resulting in environmental harm, and
  • Develop smart and robust practices to deliver efficient outcomes.