Concrete. Design and Build with Confidence

Concrete is the world’s most popular construction material. It allows you to design and build with complete confidence. It is used everywhere from high-rise towers, hardstands, residential houses, and commercial buildings to infrastructure projects such as solar, wind and hydro power generation, tunnels, dams, airports, highways, and roads. 

Across all aspects of construction, concrete allows architects and engineers to design and plan, quantity surveyors to estimate and cost, builders to construct and regulators to ensure compliance with confidence.

Concrete is fluid and can be engineered and formed to your exact design and then sets strong for life.

Concrete helps reduce your construction risk because it is locally produced, easy to obtain and uses local skills. Those involved in construction are experienced with concrete providing added confidence for efficient design, engineering, scheduling, placement, and rapid project completion with minimal on-site wastage and future recycling potential. Concrete’s consistent performance means it is easy to meet standards and codes and provides peace-of-mind, whether your project calls for concrete elements that can be cast in-situ or pre-cast in a factory environment. 

Concrete continues to evolve with new applications including lower carbon concrete, 3D printing, pollution eating, self-healing concretes that can repair cracks, translucent concrete that allows light to pass through, pervious concrete for maintaining the water table, flexible concretes to withstand greater bending forces and ultra-high strength concretes for the tallest of buildings.

With concrete, you can be confident you are working with one of the world’s most reliable, versatile, and trusted construction materials. 

Now that you understand the benefits of concrete for your building or facility, there is no need to look further than AAA Industrial Services. We provide bulk earthworks removal services, supply and install subbase and base materials and pour concrete slabs in various industries, including production, education, commercial, retail, construction and more. Talk to us today about our Civil Construction Services or any of the other services that we can provide. A summary of our concreting and asphalt works can be found on our Projects Page. 

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