Commercial Cleaning For The Healthcare Industry: The What And the Why

Hospitals and healthcare centres are there to help you get well – not worse! Unfortunately, however, the latter often tends to be the case. According to a recent study, an estimated 165,000 Australians contract healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) while in hospital every year! Not only does this create an added burden on healthcare staff and resources, but it poses questions about how HAIs can be prevented.

That’s where commercial cleaning services that have been specifically developed for the healthcare industry come in. At AAA Industrial Services, we’ve been on the frontline of healthcare cleaning well before the onset of COVID-19 and understand the severity of ensuring the job is done thoroughly, appropriately, and according to strict regulations.

The challenge of these specialised services is combatting the risk of infections caused by the plethora of patients, visitors, and staff that come and go daily. With blood, bodily fluids, and other organic matter consistently present, standard protocols followed by healthcare workers are not enough to combat the spread of HAIs. Furthermore, considering the stringent regulations and regular audits required, standard commercial cleaning in Brisbane may be inadequate and even detrimental.

At AAA Industrial Services, our healthcare facility cleaning services are designed to meet national guidelines, and thus meet these regulations and audits. These services are comprised of two critical processes:

Routine Cleaning

Although these services are routine, they are highly specialized as they also involve training and protection practices for healthcare workers, such as immunization. Furthermore, hazard assessments by an infection prevention consultant for minimizing health risks can be continually implemented to ensure a well-rounded infection control program.

During cleaning, any visible substances, such as dirt or organic matter, are removed by hand or machine with industrial-grade cleaning detergents to ensure sterile surfaces throughout the facility – including any office areas. All of our staff wear Branded Healthcare Clothing for Womens to ensure they are recognizable and clean at all times.

Detailed Disinfecting

This stage of infection control and cleaning involves removing pathogens and microorganisms through disinfection and sterilization methods (of which you can check here for similar examples) from all surfaces, floors, and areas. Our crews are also trained in the cleaning of bloodborne pathogens and the handling of biomedical waste. In this way, we can guarantee that your healthcare facility is up to code and more than ready to pass any audits.

Where COVID-19 is concerned, we also offer a specialised Coronavirus sanitisation service to deal with and mitigate any outbreaks within your facility. By following strict safety measures and infection elimination protocols, we can reduce the rate of infections and ensure business continuity as soon as possible.

If your facility needs specialised, thorough, and accredited commercial cleaning in Brisbane for the healthcare industry, come to us at AAA Industrial Services. With years of experience as the primary contractor in highly sensitive environments, our services are renowned and in high demand. And with our extensive resources, we can fully dedicate a crew to your facility.

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