Benefits Of Installing Our Patented Anti-Slip Coating In Your Business

At AAA Industrial Services, we know that when it comes to ensuring the safety of your employees and guests or customers, there is no better choice than making your walkway and work surfaces safe and secure for all to use. Our patented anti-slip coating allows you to take advantage of preparing against any unnecessary and avoidable accidents. This increases workplace safety and gives comfort to anyone using the space.

If you want to make sure that employee health isn’t compromised at any cost and the workplace meets the safety standards set by organizations such as OSHA, then you should research areas that can help companies prepare for any potential incidents. Combining this with workplace safety programs will add to safety protocols protecting these workers.

Why You Should Entrust Us To Do Your Anti-Slip Coating

Here are some of the main advantages and benefits of our anti-slip flooring solution:

  1. Complete control over the surfaces’ appearance

Our clear coating won’t detract from the original flooring beneath it and blends seamlessly and transparently with your existing architecture.

  1. Boost productivity

Boost both morale and efficiency by letting your employees know that they can work without fear of unnecessary slips and trips.

  1. Minimal disruption during application

We are professionals who have patented our anti-slip solution. We provide an efficient and non-disruptive application service to have you up and running in no time.

  1. Cost effective

This is a prime example of preventative maintenance of an investment that prevents avoidable costs down the line in the form of administrative costs or litigation costs due to injury. As well you save money in the long run in the form of reduced maintenance costs.

  1. Easy upkeep

Our anti-slip application is easy and simple to clean and offers resistance to heavy traffic which keeps your floors looking pristine for years to come.

While we know that you may already be aware of the need to provide slip and trip protection for tiles, make sure to look at our anti-slip coating for floors that are prone to being wet or greasy too!

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