3 Serious Signs Your Facility Needs Specialist Industrial Shutdown & Decommission Cleans!

No matter the reasoning nor the planning you put into it, industrial shutdown and decommission cleans are frustrating, challenging, and costly. However, they’re often completely necessary considering the type and intensity of work completed at facilities like yours. Think of it as large-scale spring-cleaning, where you have the opportunity to hire specialist industrial cleaners to maintain, repair, and restore your equipment and work environments.

For example, at AAA Industrial Services, our team of specialist industrial cleaning technicians are available for both planned and unexpected industrial shutdown and decommission cleans at any hour to ensure business continuity as soon as possible. Using our extensive experience and strategy skills in shutdown pre-maintenance services, we will zone our cleaning to ensure your plant is up and running at peak efficiency according to your deadlines without delay.

However, knowing who to call is all well and good, but how do you know when your industrial plant needs to schedule a shutdown and decommission clean? Our experts have listed the top three signs to look out for in this blog.

#1 Equipment Ineffiency, Malfunctions, And Failures

Factories, plants, and industrial sites are home to a multitude of heavy machinery and moving parts, leaving much room for failures and malfunctions. Not only is this equipment under immense pressure due to daily use for industrial purposes, but they also suffer from buildups of operational by-products, like grease, dirt, solvents, and so on.

These substances accumulate over time, as does the wear and tear. And when this starts happening, you’ll start to notice a rise in inefficiency, malfunctions, and failures across multiple pieces of machinery. This is a sign that it’s high time to book an industrial shutdown and decommission clean with professionals so that all your equipment is attended to at once to increase their longevity and complete the process swiftly, preventing further delays caused by failures.

#2 Product Standards Dropping Drastically

Whatever you produce, you’ve likely got strict processes in place to ensure that your products continue to exceed your customers’ expectations and reflect your company’s prowess in your field. If you’re starting to see a noticeable drop in your product quality, but your staff and processes are still functioning at peak efficiency, it may be time to schedule an industrial shutdown and decommission to have your equipment and working environments cleaned by professionals.

#3 Neglect Of Maintenance Tasks

Your facility likely deals with particularly sensitive, destructive, and spoilable substances, such as grease, solvents, chemicals, food products, oils, fats, and the like. In that case, regular maintenance is required to keep your industrial site and equipment clean, functional, and operating at peak performance. With the help of a properly integrated Building Analytics Automation System, looking after tasks such as this becomes a lot easier.

Unfortunately, many owners and managers tend to see these maintenance breaks as tedious and unnecessary when considering the interference they cause. When these tasks are neglected for some time, you’re opening your facility up to serious failure, malfunction, health, and safety risks. If you’ve neglected routine maintenance for a while, your plant is likely in desperate need of a thorough shutdown and decommission clean from professionals to prevent future, more costly, and unexpected downtimes.

If you notice any one of these signs, you need to schedule an industrial shutdown and decommission clean from specialists ASAP! In that case, come to AAA Industrial Services!

As the leading industrial cleaning contractors across Australia, you will enjoy unrivalled shutdown and decommission cleaning services that protect business continuity and deadlines above all.

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